Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment

A Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment is completed to determine the extent of one or more contaminants in the land or water that may be on, in or under the property as identified in the Phase 1 ESA report.

The components of a Phase 2 ESA typically include:

  • site investigation (sampling and analysis program)
  • review and evaluation
  • report preparation
  • delivery of the report to the owner

As a component of the site investigation, a sampling and analysis program may include:

  • Soil drilling and/or test pitting
  • Geophysical analysis
  • Surface or groundwater sampling

Reasons for a Phase 2 ESA could be:

  • On site investigation to determine presence or absence of contaminants in soil and/or groundwater andor sediment based on Phase 1 findings
  • Delineate the extent of contamination