There often exists a gap between design and construction for any given project. The designer and the builder may have different objectives when entering into a project and the owner is often left to deal with tasks that were not anticipated.

Proper project planning including budgeting, scheduling, and cost control before and during construction can eliminate many or all of these typical ailments. Hallex Engineering provides a seamless transition from design to construction, which should sometimes start before the design is even complete! This eliminates the problem of commencing construction on unfeasible designs with expensive corrections in the field.

Hallex Engineering has staff registered with the Project Management Institute, and carry a Project Management Professional (PMP) designation. This designation recognizes the continued education and experience required to provide professional project management services.

These are some of the services offered in this capacity:

  • Project Tender Management
  • Hiring and Supervising Sub-contractors
  • Scheduling, Supervision & Inspections
  • Cost Control & Budget Monitoring
  • Quality Control